Sizing Guide

Interested in shopping for jewellery online but have no idea how to measure your ring size? No worries, we got you covered here. Look through our detailed instructions to find out how to measure your ring, bracelet, bangles, and necklace size, all from the comfort of your own home!

Our suggestion on what you can do to find the perfect fitting ring. Whether you are purchasing a ring for your best friend, or as a treat for yourself, a ring is only lovely and enjoyable if you can fit in it! That is why we want to make sure that the ring you buy will fit you correctly. So, to help you shop confidently, we have provided several options to help you find the right ring size.

Option 1: Circumference

Step 1: Cut a strip of paper and wrap it around the base of your finger

Step 2: Use a pen or pencil to mark the intersection point after wrapping the strip of paper around your finger.


Step 3: Measure the length of the paper from the edge to the intersection point. This length will be the inner circumference of your ring.

*Note: You will need to adjust the ring size according to the temperature. Your fingers will expand when it is hot and contract when it is cold, so sizes may vary around half to one size in diff

Option 2: Diameter

Alternatively, if you have an existing ring that fits you perfectly, you can use that ring to measure the size instead!

Measure the diameter of your ring and refer to the sizing chart provided below to find the correct size for you.

What if the ring does not fit?

Fear not! If your ring is undersized by a bit, bring it to the nearest jeweler, and they can help you. Do note that this will not work if your ring has stones on them.

A&C Ring Size Chart

A&C measures all ring sizes in HK size. Kindly convert your measured size to HK size in order to find the perfect fit for your jewellery!

Option 1

Circumference (mm)

Option 2

Diameter (mm)

HK Size (A&C Ring Size)
44.3 14.1 6
44.9 14.3 7
46.2 14.7 8
46.8 14.9 9
48.1 15.3 10
49.3 15.7 11
50.6 16.1 12
51.8 16.5 13
52.5 16.7 14
53.7 17.1 15
54.3 17.3 16
55.6 17.7 17
57.2 18.2 18
58.1 18.5 19
59.1 18.8 20
60.0 19.1 21
60.9 19.4 22
62.2 19.8 23
63.5 20.2 24
64.7 20.6 25
66.0 21.0 26
66.6 21.2 27
67.9 21.6 28
69.1 22.0 29

Are you wondering how to choose the right necklace to match with an outfit? Maybe you are wondering what length and style of necklace will best fit you. Maybe, you are just confused about necklaces and are not sure where to begin?

Choosing the right necklace can be difficult. But we know that getting it right can make a huge difference. The right necklace will accentuate your best features and frame your face. When worn correctly, necklaces can attract people to look at your best assets and draw attention away from features you would rather not flaunt.

To help you make your decision with online necklace shopping, we made a necklace length guide that includes a size chart in inches and cm with tips on how to measure the necklace and pendant.

To measure your desired necklace length

1. Using a piece of string, cut it into the desired length of your necklace.

2. Wear the piece of string like how you would wear a necklace to get a feel of how it would like on you.

Alternatively, you can quickly look at our necklace sizing chart to get an estimate of how the necklace will look on you.


Standard Necklace Lengths for Women

Length (inches) Length (cm) Position on the Body
14 35.5 Choker like necklace, fits very closely around the neck
16 40.5 Falls just around the base of the neck like a collar.
18 46 Common length for women, sits just on the collarbone.
20 51 Will fall below the collarbone
22 56 Falls at just above the top of the bust

Bangles are a solid and slender version of the bracelet. Unlike the bracelet, bangles are solid and cannot be bent easily.

There are plenty of ways to wear bangles. Bangles could be worn on their own for a simple and stylish look, or they can be combined with several other bangles. When multiple bangles are worn together, they make a very nice clinking sound that is sure to attract the attention of others.

Since bangles are not flexible, they are measured differently than bracelets. Since bangles have multiple variations, we will be sharing three different methods to tackle the different types of bangle we offer. Here we will show you how to determine your bangle size at home.

This method is for the solid bangles that you will need to squeeze your hands through.

Method 1: Measure the widest part of your hand

  1.  Close your fingers and touch your thumb to your little finger.
  2. Wrap a strip of paper or string around the widest part of your hand and mark the spot where they meet.
  3. Measure the length of the strip of paper or the string. This will be the circumference of your hand.
  4. Use the chart to choose the bangle based on your hand circumference. Purchase a bangle that is one size above your hand circumference size.

This method is for bangles that can be unclasped.

Method 2: Measure your wrist

  1. Wrap a strip of paper or string around your wrist.
  2. Mark the spot where they meet.
  3. Measure the length of the strip of paper or string. This will be your wrist circumference.
  4. Depending on if the bangle contains beads or not, you will want to allow an extra 0.5 inch to an inch to fit the beads comfortably.

Method 3: Measure your own bangle

  1. Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the diameter of the bangle.
  2. Use the chart to determine your bangle size.

Bangle Sizing Chart  

Bangle Size (inch) Diameter (inch)
6 1.8
6.5 2.0
7 2.2
7.5 2.4

Bracelets fit effortlessly with any outfit. They are great way to accentuate your outfit with a single bracelet or multiple bracelets, bangles, and charms to mix things up. Bracelets come in different lengths, so here’s how you can measure your bracelet length before your purchase.


Option 1: Measure your wrist with a fabric measuring tape

Wrap your wrist with the fabric measuring tape around the wrist where your bracelet would normally sit. Add an extra 2-2.5cm for comfort.

Option 2: Measure your wrist with a strip of paper or string
Wrap your wrist with strip of paper or string around the wrist where your bracelet would normally sit. Add an extra 2-2.5cm for comfort.

Bracelet Sizing Chart

Bracelet Length (cm) Diameter (cm)
14 4.5
16 5.1
18 5.7
20 6.4
22 7.0
24 7.6