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A&C Jewellery is a young, energetic, & passionate start-up that is selling pre-loved gold jewellery. We have more than 30 years of experience in trading of gold jewellery.

Our experienced evaluators carefully and meticulously selects each piece of jewellery, which is then refurbished into a like new condition before being listed on our website. All gold jewellery listed on A&C Jewellery undergoes a four-step refurbishing process before being subjected to a final quality assurance check by our experienced evaluators. Only jewellery that pass this rigorous process is listed for sale.    

Every gold jewellery is backed by our Buyback Guarantee Promise.


We are confident that your Jewellery is genuine. We guarantee it.

If your jewellery is found to be different than promised, you can return it to us for full refund.

10 Reasons To Invest In Physical Gold

  1. Gold prices increase steadily over time

  2. Gold is an inflation hedge

  3. There’s an increasing demand for gold

  4. Gold supply is limited

  5. Gold is a safe haven

  6. Central banks and governments store gold reserves

  7. Gold is inversely correlated to the USD

  8. Gold is a unique asset class

  9. Portfolio Diversification

  10. Gold is an affordable asset