Are you wondering how to choose the right necklace to match with an outfit? Maybe you are wondering what length and style of necklace will best fit you. Maybe, you are just confused about necklaces and are not sure where to begin?

Choosing the right necklace can be difficult. But we know that getting it right can make a huge difference. The right necklace will accentuate your best features and frame your face. When worn correctly, necklaces can attract people to look at your best assets and draw attention away from features you would rather not flaunt.

To help you make your decision with online necklace shopping, we made a necklace length guide that includes a size chart in inches and cm with tips on how to measure the necklace and pendant.

To measure your desired necklace length

1. Using a piece of string, cut it into the desired length of your necklace.

2. Wear the piece of string like how you would wear a necklace to get a feel of how it would like on you.

Alternatively, you can quickly look at our necklace sizing chart to get an estimate of how the necklace will look on you.

Standard Necklace Lengths for Women

Length (inches) Length (cm) Position on the Body
14 35.5 Choker like necklace, fits very closely around the neck
16 40.5 Falls just around the base of the neck like a collar.
18 46 Common length for women, sits just on the collarbone.
20 51 Will fall below the collarbone
22 56 Falls at just above the top of the bust